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The BRLRC's logo as created by Sand Toler


About the Slogan

"In Hoc Signo Vinces" literally translated  means "victory in this sign",  but most commonly means "in this sign you will conquer". It was the Battle Cry of the Crusades. In 1931, Phillip Morris added it to their product line. In 1990 Sand Toler (a BRLRC member) amended it to mean: "Land Rover in this sign you will conquer". It has since been adopted as the Blue Ridge Land Rover Club slogan.


Crested with a Thistle

Did you know that this little beauty is actually called Milk Thistle?   (Silybum marianum) our little club flower, for the most part, is regarded as a nuisance most everywhere it grows.  It rapidly takes over the area where it's seeds are deposited and nothing much can live with it, but it will like you and attach itself to you firmly if you pass too closely.  Land Rover enthusiasts get more opportunities to see this wonderful weed growing as we trek off into the hollows and hills.  Try and spot one in the spring and summer as you are off-roading.

Milk Thistle has been around for a long, long time.   While it's medicinal value was recognized ever in biblical years, it's first official recommendation for treating liver disorders was introduced in 1755 by Albrecht von Haller.  In the 1960's ingredients from the plant's seed like fruit was given the name silymarin by German scientists.  Through research it has been verified that silymarin is valuable in treating liver diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Only in Europe... while not recognized in the United States as a botanical medicine, the silybinin extracted from milk thistle is used in Europe as an effective antidote to mushroom poisoning.  It is the only effective antidote ever discovered for amanita (mushroom) poisoning.


Thought you would like to know...
Susan Davidson


Blue Ridge Land Rover Club Logo

As designed by the late Sand Toler, BRLRC's logo is the club's name crested proper with a wild flower and resting on the Latin phrase "In Hoc Signo Vinces".