Blue Ridge Land Rover Club


The Club...

The purpose of the Club is to promote recreational activities devoted solely to the enjoyment of Land Rover products. All club sponsored activities are intended for the entire family.


Activities over the years have included a drive on the beach in Virginia, primitive camping events called "Back to Basics", Scenic tours of historical and educational locations, visits to a wildlife preserve, poker runs and geo-caching in the George Washington National Forest, and off-road challenges in the mud and on the rocks at various locations.


BRLRC Rally Host Plaque


Rallies are organized by volunteers from the club's membership who usually develop activities in their local area where they are familiar with off-roading areas and activities. Rally organizers are presented with a plaque to display on their wall or the Rover. BRLRC members also attend some of the "Dealer Events" sponsored by Land Rover. Most Off-Roading events are designed to accommodate the novice as well as the experienced off-road driver. Members with years of experience are eager to help those just learning to maneuver their Land Rover thru and over obstacles that they previously wouldn't have thought possible. The BRLRC adheres to the principles of "Tread Lightly" and endeavors to operate all vehicles at all times in a safe and careful manner. Safety is always our first priority.


Membership Information

To join you must own a Land Rover, running or not.

Currently the Blue Ridge Land Rover Club offers two types of membership. Both provide you full access to BRLRC events as explained below. Membership fees are due on January 1st of each year.


  • Individual Membership – $30.00 USD yearly (One individual owning a Land Rover).
    Allows you to drive one Rover at any event and have one vote at all club meeting.
  • Family Membership – $50.00 USD yearly (The Land Rover owner, Spouse and Immediate family members up to age 20). Allows you to drive multiple Rovers (licensed family members only) at any club event and have two votes (Husband and Wife) at all meetings.


To apply for membership or renew your old membership
Fill out a Membership Application Form

Club Orginizational Chart


Orginzational Chart